Clos du Moulin à vent 1949

Bottle of Great Moulin à ven Wine: Clos du Moulin à vent Vintage 1949 - Conditions of conservation and delivery adapted to an old wine. Wine for sale online
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not mineral
Not Fruity
Not Woody

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Bottle of Great red wine: Clos du Moulin à Vent year 1949

Bottle of red wine year of birth 1949 available for sale to offer to a loved one this year or to enrich a cellar.

For an anniversary or a special occasion, the wine shop Le Bourguignon offers a bottle of red wine Moulin A Vent appellation of the vintage 1949. This wine has been kept in cellar in optimal conditions.

The conditions of transport are adapted to the fragility of ancient wines: packaging preserving wine from shocks and changes in temperature.

Bottle red wine birth year 1949

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