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Which wines for a wedding?

What wine for a wedding? Always a delicate question, since the newlyweds usually want to please their guests while wishing to buy a good wine not too expensive.
Among the selection Le Bourguignon, several wines are regularly ordered for weddings, with always excellent returns.

In particular :
- Bourgogne Aligoté, the best white wine for the aperitif of the wedding
- Chablis, for white wine at the wedding table (... or as an aperitif or a cocktail)
- Red wine for the wedding table: Pinot Noir red wine from the Domaine Le Meix de la Croix, excellent value for money, with this wine less than 7 euros.
- Crémant or Champagne for the wine of honor, the aperitif dessert or all three. Crémants de Bourgogne white or rosé are often very good and cheaper than Champagne: the bubbles are obviously suitable for a wedding, aperitif wedding or wine of honor.

The wines offered by Le Bourguignon for a wedding are listed in this category, and are all less than 10 euros per bottle per 36, except Champagne.
If you want more prestigious wines for your wedding, or the wedding of your wedding, do not hesitate to consult the prestigious wines.

We offer you our free advice, based on our experience, customer feedback and events. Do not hesitate to call us on +33 (0) 3 73 64 00 07 for advice on wine for your wedding table or the choice for the wedding reception.

How much wine for a wedding?
Provide a bottle of wine for 2 to 4 people for wines served at wedding meals and 1 bottle for 3 people for a wedding aperitif or a cocktail.

For the wine served at the wedding table:
- Red wine and rosé wine: 1 bottle of wine for 2 to 3 people
- White wine: 1 bottle of wine for 3 to 4 people

Aperitif and / or dessert of the wedding:
- Sparkling wine (Champagne or Crémant): 1 bottle of wine for 3 to 4 people.

Advice for the opening of wine bottles: ask the wedding caterer or service not to open all the bottles in advance! Start by opening half of the bottles of wine and opening the rest of the bottles as you go. It helps to keep the wine bottles that will not be used for the wedding!


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