Burgundy Wine Assortments

Assorted and variegated crates of Great Burgundy Wines.
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Special gifts amateur of Burgundy wines!

In addition to the wines on sale individually discover assortments of Burgundy wines adapted to discover a range of different wines.

The four types ofwine assortments:
- White and Pink Bubbles, with cardboard of 6 Cremants, 3 White Cremants and 3 Rosés Cremants.

- All Chardonnay, only 6 white wines made from Chardonnay to accompany the different fish or seafood tasted during the holiday season;
- All in white, taking over 3 Crémants de Bourgogne Blanc, one Burgundy Aligoté, one Mâcon and one Chablis;
- The Voyage in Burgundy, an assortment to taste 6 different wines, red and white, from all over Burgundy.