Wine for baptism

Looking for wine for a Baptism ? Selection of very good quality wines at the fairest price!

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Burgundy Aligoté

Domaine Berthenet - Montagny

Cremant Rosé

Domaine le Meix de la Croix

vin pour bapteme

How to choose the wine for a baptism ?

Among the Le Bourguignon selection, several wines are regularly ordered for baptisms, always with excellent returns.

In particular:
- Burgundy Aligoté, white wine with good value for money for the aperitif of the baptism
- Chablis, for the white wine of a baptism
- Red wine for baptism : Pinot Noir red wine from the Domaine Le Meix de la Croix, excellent quality with this cheap red wine for less than 7 euros.
- Crémant for aperitif or dessert. Crémants de Bourgogne are increasingly in demand instead of Champagne: much cheaper and qualitatively excellent wines, quite suitable for a baptism.

The wines offered by Le Bourguignon for a baptism are listed in this category, and are all less than 8 euros per bottle in purchase by 36.
If you want more prestigious wines for baptism, go to the category of prestige wines.

Do not hesitate to call us at 03 66 72 97 62 for advice on choosing wine for a baptism

How much wine for a Baptism?

It is possible to provide a bottle for 2 to 4 people for wines served at the table during baptisms and 1 bottle for 3 people when it comes to the aperitif of the baptism.

For the wine served at the baptism table:

- Red wine and rosé wine: 1 bottle of wine for 2 to 3 people
- White wine: 1 bottle of wine for 3 to 4 people

Aperitif and / or dessert of the baptism:

- Sparkling wine (Champagne or Crémant): 1 bottle of wine for 3 to 4 people.