Since the Loi Hamon of 17 March 2014, The right of withdrawal, or " right to change your mind
"applicable to distance contracts and off-premises shall be governed by articles L121-21
to L121-21-8 of the French consumer code.
The customer has a period of 14 days (article L221-18 of the French Consumer Code) from
the receipt of his order for their withdrawal. To do this, it returns the following form
attached (PDF download ) or by mail to the address of the company.
In case of withdrawal, SARL Le Bourguignon will refund the order (article L121-21-4 of the consumer code) within 14 days.
The return of all products ordered must be paid within 14 days. It will give rise to
a refund equal to the total of the sums paid by the customer, that is to say, the purchase price of the
or of the purchased products and the possible expenses of delivery (minus the extra for Express delivery).
In the case where certain products have been initiated or consumed, SARL Le Bourguinon will be the
right to deduct such products and all delivery costs of the refund made to the buyer.
The return costs are the responsibility of the customer. The products are transported at the risk and under the
responsibility of the customer. The return will be held by the carrier chosen by the customer.
SARL Le Bourguignon
will be responsible for the refund of goods within 14 days
the receipt of the goods and the control of the latter.
On the other hand, in the case where the customer finds a fault on the part of SARL Le Bourguignon (example : product delivery of non-conforming product requested),
SARL Le Bourguignons'committed to reimburse all the costs incurred by the customer : price of the product plus return postage, and delivery costs, to the extent that the products are returned in the state.