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You are in Burgundy and want to discover its wine and tasting?

We offer several thematic tastings around Burgundy wine including wines selected by Le-Bourguignon.fr.

Thematic tastings led by wine professionals will allow you to initiate or improve on how to taste the wine, but also to discover new wines and learn more about Burgundy and its wine.
Private wine tastings take place in Burgundy but also everywhere in France or Belgium with our selected partners.

Among the tasting themes on offer:
- Tasting No.1: Introduction to the art of tasting;

- Tasting 2: discovery of Burgundy wines;
- Tasting 3: Burgundy vertical;
- Tasting 4: Great Burgundy Wines at low prices;

For a custom business project: wine animation

More information on the wine tasting site or Oenology course