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The Juliénas is a wine appellation whose wines are produced in the vineyards of the Beaujolais region, vineyards in the east of France and more precisely in the wine region of the beaujolais Crus.
it is part of the 10 crus of Beaujolais, the one most to the North with Holy Love.

Vintage imperial by its etymology, Juliénas would take its name from Julius Caesar. In the gallo-roman period, the vines were cultivated on its slopes. The starting Point of the cultivation of vines in the Beaujolais, Juliénas is working since more than two thousand years. In his youth as in his maturity, he offers pleasures different, always subtle.

Its terroir boasts a climate that is semi-continental with influences of the atlantic and the mediterranean and granitic soil, clayey, sandy and clayey-sandy.


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