The Casino of the Wines

Casino des vins bourgogneAnimation of wine-original, the Casino du Vin allows you to animate your event in a way that is both entertaining, educational and rewarding !

For a Team building, a meeting of employees, clients, or VIP, for a seminar or a private party, choose to organize a Casino wines animated by professionals of oenology.

Animation wine Casino Wine for groups from 8 people, to Beaune or Dijon in Burgundy, and throughout France. With room hire in Beaune or by locating the casino of the wines on the location of your event.


devis casino des vins 

With the Casino of the wines in Burgundy, your guests will be welcomed with a glass for tasting and a lot of chips. They will then prrêts to go test their knowledge about wine by going to bet their chips on 4 tables of game theme to the Casino of Wine. To feel, to observe, to enjoy, to deduct, win tokens, which can allow you to offer you beautiful bottles in the late game. The wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and many regions will be used to animate your Casino of Wine.

The knowledge personal will of course be an asset, but it will also and most importantly observe the wines, to capture the subtlety of their aromas, the taste to identify all their characteristics...listen to information and clues given by the dealer will also be a great help !

By being focused and precise, by observing the wines and listening to the clues, you can win the maximum number of coins, doubling or tripling the initial bet !

  The guests will move from one table to another at the whim of their desires, to learn about the different themes, and especially learn a lot about the wine and its tasting is fun !

The Casino of the wine will be completed on an auction final which will offer good bottles of wine with the chips earned on the tables.

The 4 tables thematic Casino of Wines

Table 1 : the aromas of the wine

animation Casino des vins en bourgogne

On this table, the nose is sensitive and insightful will be rewarded !
Feel vials of odors anonymous, and then m
read about the good aromas present in the wine (fruit, flowers, and defects in the vin...)

Table 2 : the color of the wine

animation Casino des vins beaune

In a glass black and perfectly opaque, difficult to distinguish the color of the wine you will be served !
Ca will be still the fiscal year, guess the
color of the wine thanks to its flavors, and then bet on the right color. More difficult than it looks..

Table 3 : wine regions

Casino des vins table régions du vin

Once the wine is observed, smelled, and tasted, make your choice from all the producing regions of wine in France , trying to determine where the wine comes.
Color, nose, mouth, all the clues will be helpful !

Table 4 : the years of the wine

Casino des vins oenologie bourgogne

What is the age of the wine tasted ?
Not easy, but feasible by focusing, watching...and listening to the advice of the dealer !
Here the bet is multiplied by 3 if the vintage is found by the player.

devis casino des vins