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You're in Belgium and want to buy Burgundy wine online ?

- The solution delivery of the wine, the least expensive : The Burgundian offers you to order your wine online and then come to take on an appointment on the French side in lille.
When buying Burgundy wine on the site, ask for delivery by Logivin or UPS. If you are in Belgium close to the border, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment.

You can also choose the delivery of the wine in Belgium thanks to the Points Relais Mondial Relay. When buying wine on the site, check "Delivery Point" Relay and select the Relay that is right for you.


The Burgundian offers the sale of numerous Burgundy wines of very high quality at competitive prices, from producers / growers in Burgundy as a whole.

Range of Burgundy cheap (on sale online for 6 bottles of wine and multiple) but also the Great Burgundies in the sale of the unit.

If you're in Belgium, don't hesitate to contact us on +33 3 37 64 00 07 for all your questions about the sale of wine online and the terms of the purchase and delivery of the wine of Burgundy.

vente vin en ligne belgique

The Belgium is a country of particular connoisseur of wine and French in particular, Burgundy wine.

Wine enthusiasts residing in Belgium are regularly visited in France to discover the wine producers, taste and buy their wine. The discovery and sale of wine is also done directly in Belgium during the many wine lounges that take place in Belgium throughout the year.

The wine merchants, the belgian also offer, of course, wine sales in Belgium, just like the big distributors. The interest of the sale of wine online on Belgium is access to wines of very good quality at very interesting prices. Often the wine for sale online is less expensive than through other channels of distribution for the sale of wine available in Belgium, with a cost structure lower.

If you are in Belgium and wish to buy wine at a good price-quality ratio on the internet, please do not hesitate to consult us and to visit this site for the sale of wine Burgundy online.

A few fairs for the sale of wine in Belgium :

Salon des vins de la Louvière, at the beginning of march, Belgium :

Salon de Braine L Aleud, at the beginning of march, Belgium :

Salon St Niklaas, mid-march, Belgium :

Salon des vins de Jurbise, may, Belgium :

Megavino, October, Brussels, Belgium :