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Saint-Véran 2021

  • White
  • 75 cl

A 2021 vintage considered exceptional!
Made by Pacaud Vignerons in Chasselas this Saint-Véran "Terroirs de Chasselas" is a wine in conversion to organic farming. Manual harvesting and respect for terroirs and traditional winemaking techniques offer remarkable aromatic flexibility and complexity.

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Saint-Véran 2021

  • Complex

  • Powerful

  • Mineral

  • Fruity

  • Woody

Saint-Véran 2021 "Terroirs de Chasselas"

Saint-Véran 2021 "Terroirs de Chasselas" made by Sébastien and Julien Pacaud will offer you the aromas and balance characteristic of this great wine of the Mâconnais: mineral and sweet, it will offer you its notes of white flowers, apricot, aromas of white fruits, on a slightly mineral and iodine finish.

Palate Frank, delicate, structured body, very good aromatic intensity, long finish and persistence.

Ageing in oak barrels and manual harvesting.

Operating temperature:

10 to 12 ° as an aperitif, 12 to 14 ° at the table

mets & vins

Vivid and Fruity Burgundy White Wine: Salted Appetizers, Charcuterie, Parsillé Ham, Snails, Frog Legs, Vegetable Pies or Volaille, Oysters, Mussels, Seafood Gratins, County, Gouda, Goat Cheese


  • Appellation

  • Type of Wine

  • Wine Making

    Oak casks
  • Grape Variety

  • Harvest

  • Burgundy Region

  • Vintage

  • Service

    12 to 14 degrees at the table, 10 to 12 degrees at the aperitif
  • Custody potential


Saint Véran

Wine Characteristics

The colour is that of very pale yellow gold, brilliant and crystal-clear. The nose develops subtle fruit aromas (peach, pear) or acacia, honeysuckle and bracken, often over notes of fresh almond, hazelnut, cinnamon, butter, and sometimes honey. Exotic fruits are sometimes present, as are citrus notes (orange peel). On the palate, this white wine is dry and well-rounded, mineral (gun-flint) and lively from the first attack. Acidity and fatness come increasingly into play. The structure is harmonious, fresh and round.

Wine Steward’s Tip

Its clean, open attack and its citrussy notes call for dishes which can somewhat mitigate its ardour. An oily fish, poached or simply fried, will play this role, especially as the wine’s range of floral aromas respond splendidly to the fine salty flesh. Variations featuring seafood will also do well, as will risottos containing sea-food or mushrooms whose mellow texture will blend harmoniously with the acidity of the wine. It is also well-suited to goat cheeses, Bleu de Bresse, Comté, Beaufort, and Gruyère.
Serving temperatures: 9 to 11°C for young wines,11 to 13°C for older wines.


The SAINT-VÉRAN AOC, which was granted in 1971, lies in the South of the Mâconnais region, forming a belt around the appellation POUILLY-FUISSÉ.
As it is often the case in Bourgogne, the AOC embraces a number of villages from Prissé and Davayé lying to the North of the Rock of Solutré to Leynes, Chasselas, Chânes, part of Solutré-Pouilly and (of course) Saint-Vérand itself all lying to the south. The soils, ideally suited to the Chardonnay, produce only white wines.


The appellation SAINT-VÉRAN is split into two separate islands by its close relative Pouilly-Fuissé. Both occupy slopes forming part of the chain of hills to which the Rock of Solutré belongs. This rocky backbone is made of fossiliferous limestone of the Middle Jurassic. On the Western side are older (lias) rocks covered with grey marls on which the vineyards of Chasselas and Leynes occupy South and West-facing sites. The gentle Eastern slopes are composed of marly limestones on which are found the East-facing vineyards of Prissé and Davayé. At Chânes and Prissé, on the left bank of the little river Grosne, the vines grow on fossiliferous limestones, often overlain by a layer of clay-with-flints with “chailles”.

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Pacaud Vignerons

The philosophy of the brothers Sébastien and Julien Pacaud is to offer local wines, whose winemaking and breeding are naturally made without the contribution of technical products and therefore slowly.

The vines are farmed on the lands of Chasselas in southern Burgundy near Mâcon.
This commune of the Saint Véran appellation allows to develop wines of character, which are expressed when they are given time to become great Burgundy wines.

Installed since January 2014 on 13 hectares of vineyards, we work all our vines with respect for nature. The principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture have always been practiced on our plots, we have been doing the AB labeling process since 2019 and we will be entering demeter certification very soon.

We are the third generation and it is only natural that we wanted to pay tribute to our forefathers by respecting their work.

Our vineyards are mainly located around the Chapel of Wolves, the listed church that gives its name to the southern Burgundy village of Chasselas. The inhabitants "Chasseloutis", taking their name from this church...

Chasselas is also the village of the famous winemaker, André Degueurse, who revived the epic ox tank allowing the arrival of the wines of the mâconnais at the Court of the Sun King.

The vines

Our plots are located on the communes of Chasselas, Leynes, Fuissé, Loché, Chaintré and Saint Amour. Chardonnay and gamay grape varieties make up the entire vineyard. The soils are ploughed and inputs are limited to the bare minimum for the plant to feed on its soil. The grapes produced in reasonable quantities are then only the fruit of what the earth gives us.


The wines are made as naturally as possible, with the minimum of interventions and respecting the cosmic rhythms in order to best transcribe the accent of each plot, all are vinified separately. The whites are hand-picked, pressed directly in whole bunches and then the juices are slightly disbursed. The native yeasts then take control of the alcoholic fermentation, in barrels or vats depending on the vintages.

The wines are then left at least twelve months on lees for a long and sweet ageing of up to 24 months for the Saint-Véran "single barrel"

The red Beaujolais and The Holy Love, 100% gamay are also made as simply as possible, with a maceration in whole bunches, respecting all the fruit of the argilo-granitic terroirs of characters.

Beaujolais reaches its quintessence with the "21 moons" cuvée, which is reared on lees in barrels with very fine grains for 22 months or 21 complete ledoes.

The wines are then bottled with a light collage if necessary, but above all without any filtration, in order to offer the taster all the perfectly intact flavors of what can create nature when man is only there to be inspired.