Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2020

  • White
  • 75 cl

The Bâtard Montrachet Grand Cru are reputed to have an incredible aging capacity, which can go up to 30 years.
Here in a phase of positive evolution, this exceptional white wine makes it possible to offer one of the best wines in the world with great potential, with this 2020 vintage.
Made by the prestigious estate of La Vougeraie, delivered with its original wooden box. Certified organic wine.

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Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2020

  • Complex

  • Powerful

  • Mineral

  • Fruity

  • Woody

Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2020 - Domaine de La Vougeraie - Certified organic wine

The Bâtard Montrachet is one of the 7 Grands Crus Blancs of Burgundy, 6 of which are in Côte de Beaune, and is part of the family of 5 Grands Crus of the Montrachet family.

A great wine for special occasions, which is now in a moment of perfect evolution... and which will provide an intense emotion when it opens: intense golden color This wine will offer an extremely complex bouquet that will range from notes of hot pastries, dried fruits, to spices through honey, caramel and truffle.

Very harmonious wine with perfect balance, which will offer a structure present only in the best white wines in the world.

Powerful wine of remarkable persistence.

Technical information:

Grape : 100% chardonnay

Soil and subsoil: thick brown limestone soil and clay.

Total area: 0.3823 ha

Planting density: 10,000 vines/ha
Organic farming since 2012. ECOCERT® approval received in 2015 Biodynamic agriculture since the 2012 campaign

Work in the vineyard: ploughing with a horse. Buttage of the vines in winter. Spray of nettle tea and rhubarb, decoction of horsetail and silica, tansy, willow, yarrow. Biodynamic preparation, 500 and 501 in late winter and spring, and 501 before flower.
Evasivation in spring.

Breeding :

Duration and type: 16 months in barrels and 2 months in stainless steel tanks.
Percentage of new barrels: 28%
Burning: medium heating
Origin of the woods: Cher, Cîteaux
Number of batonnages: once a month on a rising moon until December.
Assembly in stainless steel tanks two months before bottling.
Light filtration.

Food & Wine pairings:

Only the most beautiful dishes will be worthy of accompanying this large bottle: lobster, lobster, foie gras, caviar ...

Wine serving temperature: 12 to 14°

Grand Cru wine on sale individually. Special transport conditions and precautions for purchases of Grands Crus on Le

Map of Batard Montrachet and Grands Crus de Montrachet:

carte batard montrachet et montrachet grand cru

mets & vins

White Burgundy Wines Round and Powerful: Foie Gras, Creamy Sauce Fish, Grilled Sea fish, Lobsters, lobsters, Cream Poulardes, Civet Volailles, Epoisse, Roquefort, Bleu de Bresse


  • Appellation

    Grand Cru
  • Type of Wine

  • Wine Making

    Oak casks
  • Grape Variety

  • Harvest

  • Burgundy Region

    Côte de Beaune
  • Vintage

  • Service

    12 to 14 degrees
  • Custody potential


Batard Montrachet

Wine Characteristics

White: subtle differences in the wines signal variations in Climat but they also share many common traits. Their colour is gold flecked with emerald, darkening towards yellow with age. Their bouquet evokes butter and warm croissants, bracken, dried fruit, spices and honey. Body and bouquet are not separately distinguishable, so closely blended are structure and harmony into a single perfect whole. Unctuous and firm, dry and caressing, enveloped and profound, these wines combine every virtue in a firmly-established personality.

Wine Steward’s Tip

The power and aromatic persistence of these lofty wines demands aristocratic and sophisticated dishes with complex textures: foie gras, of course, and caviar. Lobster, crawfish, and large wild prawns, with their powerful flavours and firm textures, pay well-deserved homage to the wine and match its opulence. Firm-fleshed white fish such as monkfish would be equally at home in their company. And let us not forget well-bred and well-fattened free-range poultry whose delicate flesh, with the addition of a cream-and-mushroom sauce, will be lapped up in the unctuous and noble texture of this wine. Even a simple piece of veal, fried or in sauce, would be raised to heavenly heights by the Montrachet’s long and subtle acidity.
Serving temperature: 12 to 14°C.


The Montrachet family consists of five Grands Crus grown in the two villages of Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet. These two share the Montrachet and Bâtard-Montrachet appellations. Chevalier-Montrachet and Bienvenues-Bâtard-Montrachet belong to Puligny-Montrachet, Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet belongs to Chassagne-Montrachet. These Grands Crus are the most southerly of the Côte de Beaune, and lie between Meursault in the North and Santenay in the South.
Their origins go back to the Middle Ages - the work of the Cistercian abbey of Maizières and the Lords of Chagny. The wines of Montrachet (pronounced Mon-rachay) came fully into their own in the 17th century.
There is no argument: this is the finest expression of the Chardonnay grape anywhere on earth ! The appellations Grands Crus date from 31 July, 1937.


The underlying rocks date from the Jurassic, 175 million years BC. Exposures lie to the East and the South. Altitudes: 265-290 metres (Chevalier) ; 250-270 metres (Montrachet) ; 240-250 metres (Bâtard, Bienvenues, Criots). In the
Climat of Montrachet, the soils are thinnish and lie on hard limestone traversed by a band of reddish marl. In Chevalier, the soils are thin and stony rendzinas derived from marls and marly-limestones. In the Bâtard Climat soils are brown limestone which are deeper and, at the foot of the slope, more clayey.

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