Vougeot Premier Cru 1945

  • Red
  • 75 cl

Rare on the market: sale bottle of great Burgundy wine year 1945! Red wine Vougeot 1er Cru vintage 1945!
Storage and delivery conditions adapted to an old wine

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Vougeot Premier Cru 1945

Bottle great red wine of burgundy: Vougeot Premier Cru year 1945

This bottle of Vougeot Premier Cru 1945 wine comes from the year of the liberation, 1945. A large bottle of old red wine vintage of this mythical year 1945 to offer to a loved one born this year?

For a birthday or a special occasion, the wine shop Le Bourguignon offers you a bottle of red wine from Burgundy appellation Beaune 1er Cru from 1945. This wine has been kept in the cellar in optimal conditions.

The transport conditions are adapted to the fragility of old wines: packaging protects the wine from shocks and temperature changes.

Wine bottle year 1945 AVAILABLE FOR SALE ONLINE


  • Appellation

    Premier Cru
  • Type of Wine

  • Wine Making

    Oak casks
  • Grape Variety

    Pinot Noir
  • Harvest

  • Burgundy Region

    Côte de Nuits
  • Vintage


Vin année de naissance

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Vin année de naissance

The wines vintage old for sale online are derived from the conservation in good conditions.

They will be shipped in specialized containers, avoiding the shocks and protecting them from the temperature changes.

They will make wonderful gifts year of birth for the birthday of a loved one or for an enlightened amateur of wine.