The Olfactory circuit

The Olfactory circuit, this is an animation of wine-allow your visitors or guests to learn in a fun and enriching experience of the smells, aromas and subtleties smell of wines from all the regions of France : Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Alsace, the Loire Valley...

The olfactory circuit of the wine consists of 5 barrels, each allowing you to explore 4 flavors, 20 flavors in total.
To accompany the visitor, 6 kakemonos educational exhibit different aromas.

Aromas of white Wines :le parcours olfactif

Primary :
honeysuckle, grapefruit, pear, boxwood.
Secondary & tertiary :
butter, honey, hazelnut, vanilla.

Aromas of red Wines :

Primary :
violet, blackcurrant, cherry, tobacco.
Secondary & tertiary :
mushroom, leather, pepper, coffee.

Defects of the wines :

Cap, faisandé, nuts, vinegar.


Contact us to rent an olfactory circuit on the location of your event. The olfactory circuit is also available for sale




devis parcours olfactif


parcours olfactif du vin