Magnum Pouilly-Fuissé Premier Cru 2022 - "La Maréchaude"

  • White
  • 150cl

Offered here in Magnum, this famous Pouilly-Fuissé Premier Cru "La Maréchaude" is one of the current references of the appellation. Domaine Guerrin has produced a very complete wine, which will delight your table with refined fish or creamed poultry.

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Magnum Pouilly-Fuissé Premier Cru 2022 - "La Maréchaude"

  • Complex

  • Powerful

  • Mineral

  • Fruity

  • Woody

This Premier Cru lieu-dit "La Maréchaude" offered here in a 1.5l Magnum is now part of the Parcelles de Pouilly Fuissé classified as Premier Cru in 2020.

Considered to be one of the best plots of Pouilly-Fuissé, located in the middle of the hillside, La Marechaud benefits from a marl soil with a high proportion of clay from the Jurassic. Its southern exposure and low altitude allow the grapes to have optimal ripeness. The wines are powerful and warm, with a remarkable aromatic richness. Its structure is carried by aromas of ripe, even candied fruit, supported by subtle notes of dried fruit and pastry.

The musts are extracted gently using a pneumatic press; They are statically settled for 20 to 24 hours. Vinification is carried out in oak barrels of 1 to 5 wines, 15% of which are new. Ageing for 10 to 12 months allows the wines to be slowly refined.

This Pouilly Fuissé is a wine of character that stands out for its power, its greediness and its great aromatic richness. It is characterized by dense and warm aromas of very ripe fruit. Consisting of a beautiful structure, its fleshy attack opens onto a great substance marked by the sweetness of pastry notes.

- Serving temperature: 11 to 13° at the table, 10° as an aperitif

- Cellaring: already very open, it can be kept for another 4 to 6 years

- Grape variety: Chardonnay

- Age of the vines: 60 years

- Area: 0.32 Hectares

View of the vineyards and clay-limestone soil of the place called "Sur La Roche":

pouilly fuisse pas cher

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White Burgundy Wines Round and Powerful: Foie Gras, Creamy Sauce Fish, Grilled Sea fish, Lobsters, lobsters, Cream Poulardes, Civet Volailles, Epoisse, Roquefort, Bleu de Bresse


  • Appellation

  • Type of Wine

  • Wine Making

    Oak casks
  • Grape Variety

  • Harvest

  • Burgundy Region

  • Vintage

  • Service

    12 to 14 degrees
  • Custody potential

  • Degree of alcohol


Pouilly Fuissé

Wine Characteristics

Elegant and full of charm, this white wine has a colour ranging from pale to deep gold, flecked with green. Different families of aromas make up the bouquet: mineral notes (silex), almond and hazelnut, citrus notes (lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple), white fruits (peaches), bracken, acacia, breadcrumbs, buttered brioche, and honey. In the mouth it is possible to discern the differences between wines from different plots. The texture is opulent, and the structure, thanks partly to the wine’s natural richness, is full of flavour. It is by nature delicate and distinguished. This wine is not to be confused with the Pouilly-Fumé, which comes from the banks of the Loire River.

Wine Steward’s Tip

White: straightforward, rich and complex, it has a characteristic hint of minerality which allows it to partner noble crustaceans (king prawns, lobster, crawfish) as well as foie gras. With acidity and smoothness sonicely in balance, it goes well with white meats such as veal or poultry in cream sauce, as well as many varieties of goat’s cheese. Its aromatic power means it can also match spicy and perfumed exotic dishes such as couscous, fish tajines, or sweet-and-sour prawns. Sushi is also enhanced by its minerality.
Serving temperature: 11 to 13°C.


The rocky outcrops of Solutré and Vergisson, emblematic of these vineyards, remind us that from a height of 500 metres, 200 million years of history is looking down on us! Indeed, 20,000 years ago one of the most fully evolved prehistoric cultures flourished here. This AOC, instituted in 1936, takes in the four villages of Solutré-Pouilly, Fuissé, Vergisson and Chaintré.


Lying on a foundation of fossiliferous limestone identical to those found further north in the Côte-d’Or, the Bajocien escarpments of Solutré and Vergisson owe their dramatic profile to the presence of hard fossil corals which have resisted erosion. The vines are planted on the slopes and at the foot of these two hills on clay-limestone soils of Jurassic origin mixed with scree from up-slope and, in one spot, schist. The hillsides are cut into by little steep-sided streams which give the slopes an easterly or south-easterly exposure. Altitudes: 200 to 300 metres.

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Domaine Guerrin - Vergisson

Producer of Pouilly Fuissé and Saint Véran

Fabien Guerrin joined his parents 5 years ago and is gradually taking over the estate, located on the heights of Vergisson in Southern Burgundy, in the Mâconnais wine region.

Between the rocks of Solutré and Vergisson, the Guerrin family estate is constantly looking for finesse, purity and balance in its great white wines of Burgundy. Very attached to traditional viticulture, mainly manual, and respectful of the environment.

Among the qualities in the vineyard property's management, it is worth noting that the soil is ploughed, which allows the roots to go down to depth, controlled yields and manual thinning allow the Chardonnay to be offered ideal conditions for ripeness.

Manual harvesting combined with slow and natural vinification, carried out thanks to the yeasts naturally present in the grapes, allow the soul and authenticity of the terroir of each wine to be preserved.
The wine is aged on lees in oak barrels and lasts from 11 to 12 months depending on the vintage and the typicity of the terroir.