Recipes wine for Christmas

Recipe # 1 : Beef Bourguignon


Recipe # 2 : roast veal with moss

For 6 people

3 pounds of nuts of veal

1 pound of moss

1 glass of good white wine

1 glass of cream

a little oil



Cook the roast in a pressure cooker, with oil. Add the moss cleaned and whole. Salt. Sprinkle the white wine and cook gently. At the end of cooking, bind with the cream. Serve the roast topped with mushrooms and topped with cream sauce.


Recipe n°3 : kidneys in wine

For 6 people

2 kidneys of beef

1 bottle of red wine




bouquet garni

salt and pepper


Prepare onions and cut into pieces. Sauté them in the butter. Singez and moisten with the wine. Add the persil and the bouquet garni. Season with salt and pepper. Cook over a gentle flame until the kidneys are cooked through and the sauce reduced. Remove the bouquet garni and serve very hot.